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   2012 Electoral Forecast for the 2012 Presidential Race

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An American Vision 2012 Electoral Map Create your own forecast for the 2012 Presidential Race!

The Progressive Liberals "overtook" the Democrat Party. They should have been forced to create their "Own Party" supporting further checks and balances with no "party affiliations" that come with Stigmas. The Constitution is NOT about Deals Made; it IS the Law. Bipartisanship boils down to and is "deals made". So BOTH Democrat and Republican parties are guilty of Constitutional Usurpation.
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Working Men & Women of America


Any Party getting 270 or more Electoral Votes wins the Presidential Election.
This is your America, you are the responsible authority of a necessary government,
you can allow it to be taken, or you can give your responsibility away.
Retain Sovereign Responsibility of “We the People”, the Working Men & Woman of America.
Walk An American Vision as an Independent Statesman in 2016. Your Vote Counts!

An American Vision - Retaining and Restoring the Constitution of the United States of America
To unite the independent votes, the silent majority, grassroots organizations, and other patriots and lovers of liberty under one umbrella,
while keeping our separate identities, standing united as sovereign People. A Platform you can get onboard with!

All those who don't hear or heed the call "All Aboard!" and the whistle,
by the time they hear the chugging sound will have to run to catch up.

"We must learn to translate our platform policy into action of "We The People", to be good at getting not only the leaders but also the listener to understand and master every movement and every struggle we launch, this is the art of Natural Law in leadership. It is also the dividing line that determines whether or not we learn from our mistakes in daily life." --Bill Nees 2010
"We will be Ever Vigilant in the defense of our Republic, Constitution, Precepts and Ideals set forth by our Country's Founding Fathers through Education, Knowledge and Wisdom guided by Liberty, Honesty and Equality so help us God." --David Ion 2009
Contact Us with any questions or suggestions you might have about our
Campaign, our Mission, our Beliefs, or just Good All American Citizenship.
Always Moral Ethical Responsible Individual Candid Able Natural = AMERICAN
                                        Personal Responsiblity In Daily Effort =     PRIDE

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